Jason & Liliana Toler and their children:
Mateo, Lucas, Marcos and Natalee
Mickey & Wanda Toler
Kenneth & Melissa Johnson and their children:
Kenny, Kaeci, Kaeli and Kristopher
Mike & Jamie Toler and their children:
Trey, Mallory, Morgan, Macey and Micah

As you can see...
T4 is a family owned, operated and
oriented business. Because of this
we attempt to live by high biblical
ethics in every business decision.
At the heart of our mission is faith;
faith in God, faith in family and faith
in country.
We hope and pray that you and your
family are guided by the Spirit of
God in all you do. Please take time
for God in your life and make time to
read the following scripture & most
importantly obey it.
Ecclesiastes 12:13

For over three decades, the Toler family has owned and operated companies representing some of the best tools in the business. Now, this family-built company T4 Industrial Tool continues the tradition by manufacturing, selling and servicing tools of all kinds. General service and heavy duty tools to custom built systems for industrial, construction & automotive use, T4 offers a wide range of products for all industries. We at T4 are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest value for their money. While many tool producers cut cost by importing most every part, T4 tries to keep the bulk of our purchasing and production in the USA, as you will see by the “Made with Pride in the USA” stamp on many items. We want to help our customers get the job done. T4 is committed to offer tools and equipment with the customer in mind. Our mission is to serve our customers by providing the best value possible, which means the highest quality tools for the lowest cost.


P.O. Box 342 Rockport, IN 47635
866.455.8393 - Toll Free | 812.649.9809 - Fax
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