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PE Pipe System

  • Extreme safety. EARS PE pipe systems are made of a ductile plastic tested to tough California OSHA standards for compressed air applications. Unlike other plastics that may shatter, EARS PE pipe simply ruptures at extreme pressures (797 psi during CAL OSHA testing). Even when exposed to pressures exceeding 460 psi for 1000 hours or when struck by blunt objects at normal operating pressures, EARS PE pipe maintains its integrity and does not shatter.
  • Dramatically higher flow rate than any other system--the smooth inside walls of EARS PE pipe typically flow 25-30% better than competing pipe systems. This means you have the air you need, where and when you need it.
  • EARS PE pipe "insulates" your air supply from ambient air much like insulation in a cooler--This means that transfer of temperature that causes condensation to form is substantially reduced allowing you to reduce airborne moisture at all times to your points of use:
    • Lower labor costs offer substantial savings
    • Pipe threading equipment not required
    • Pitting and corrosion does not occur--smooth surface allows for higher flows and less resistance
    • Prevents contamination, which is prevalent in metal pipe systems
    • Corrosion resistance--unaffected by synthetic and mineral oils used in compressors
    • Lower material and installation costs

EARS PE Pipe gives you energy savings that you can measure. The low friction loss high flow characteristics of EARS PE Pipe means you can turn the pressure down and still have the CFM to do the job right. This translates into real dollars, as the biggest cost in compressed air is often related to the high pressure required to "push" enough air through old fashioned black iron or galvanized pipe systems.

  • Longer life than any competing system. The expected service life of an EARS PE pipe system is 50 years--up to 5 times that of steel and iron systems that have a steady degradation of flow due to scaling and corrosion build up. Moreover, these pipe scale particles can dislodge and damage equipment when carried downstream to end of line equipment. Your EARS PE Pipe system will continue to offer dramatic savings over time without scaling or corrosion build up.
  • Installation is amazingly simple and cost-effective. There are no threads to cut or joints to sweat, resulting in labor times being 1/10th that of black iron--imagine a high performance leak-free system installed in days, rather than weeks of man hours. When compared to many aluminum based systems, you find a much easier installation that does not require drilling of holes for saddles, or special cutting equipment.
  • Lightweight--EARS PE piping weighs in at a fraction of what metal piping systems do, eliminating the need for heavy duty support structures for long runs of piping.
  • Reduces Maintenance--EARS PE piping will not corrode even when exposed to condensation continuously. EARS PE piping is unaffected by Mineral or Synthetic based compressor oils. This all leads to less down, which  leads to an increase in production. Not only that, EARS PE piping is UV Stable for use indoors and out.
  • EARS PE pipe systems from T4 Industrial Tool are simply the highest performance, longest life, easiest installation solution for your compressed air needs. Available in sizes from 3/4" to 4".

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